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Do you need to "fly" a camera but, for some reason, one of our camera drones systems isn't going to work? No problem – this can happen... Sometimes a flying camera drone won't work and here are some really good reasons why:

• Venue/Site Limitations

There just isn't enough room to fly a drone or there are too many overhead obstacles to guarantee a safe flight path.

• Audience/Performer Safety

The audience or your cast is too close OR directly below the camera (remember, drones can't fly over the public).

• Shot Repeatability

You need to be able to precisely repeat a tracking shot many times, say at a sporting event.

The good news is that DroneBoy has the perfect solution for all of the above scenarios and more. The technology is called the Cable Camera and it is awesome! It builds on many of the technologies we use in our flying drones but it is a bit different.

Here is how it works:

First our experienced rigging team creates an overhead highline system - like a zipline but engineered for a camera and trolley system that weighs between 15 and 35lbs. This overhead highline runs the entire length of your desired shot. Our rigging team can either use pre existing anchor points at your site (trees, stages, mountains etc.) or, if this is not possible, we have freestanding towers that can be set up to support our overhead rigging.

Next, a radio-controlled trolley is attached to the highline. This trolley system can be maneuvered with great accuracy back and forth along the highline. The trolley supports our Gremsy 3-axis gyro stabilized gimbal and any of our preconfigured camera systems weighing up to 14lbs. This gives us the ability to 'fly' a camera anywhere along this highline system and point it in any direction we like, all while the gimbal maintains a perfectly fluid shot every time.

We can even create cable camera systems that allow for vertical travel. Examples of this would be for following a rock climber from very close in or to travel up the side of a building.

Cable cameras can give you flawless 2D flight and are the perfect solution for sporting events, festivals and events where you need to get right in close to the action.

Contact us today for more information and pricing details.


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