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This edition of the newsletter will bring you up to speed on some of the geekier things that we get up to here at DroneBoy. What, drones – geeky you say? No way! Read on to find out more…

Drone Inspections
Drone Inspections

Drone Inspection Services

The DroneBoy team has been using our awesome UAV technology to provide inspection services for a wide range of industrial sectors. We admit that this side of the business doesn’t seem to get people as excited as, say, the recent film project where we got to work with Vin Diesel and some of the other stuff we get up to but it is an important part of our work and something that we would like to share with you.

We are constantly amazed by the scope and diversity of folks who call us asking us if we can do ___ with drones. The reply is usually, “hum… let me think about that” followed up quickly with “wow, that’s a great idea. Let’s give it a try to see if 1) it works and 2) if you, the client find the data and the results worthwhile”. This is exactly how we got into inspections and monitoring services with our drones. At first we were asked to work with the more obvious sectors like windfarms, bridges and electrical substations. This evolved into larger projects such as highway construction jobs like the new 407 project here in Toronto and even a Nuclear generating station that, for security purposes will remain nameless for the time being. The most innovative inspection request to date came in recently when we were asked by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (The AGCO) to chase thoroughbred horses around the racetrack during a live horserace to keep a watchful eye out for infractions. Wow, we never would have thought of this one application for drones but it turns out that it worked great and the client loved the results.

We have this amazing technology that gives us the ability to go where humans can’t or shouldn’t go and see things with more clarity and detail than ever before. The range of sensors and devices that we can attach to our drones grows in ability and power every day and the software to make sense of all this data just keeps getting better. Our superpowers are increasing and this is a very exciting time for the drones indeed.


UpDrone Technology
UpDrone Technology

Our New UpDrone Technology

At DroneBoy we have been strapping gimbal stabilized camera rigs on the bottom of drones for years now and we have been getting some pretty great results this setup. One disadvantage to putting the camera under the drone is if we ever need to “look up” above the horizon we get the propellers in the shot. Not great! A few months ago we decided to challenge ourselves and flip everything on its head by devising a way to mount the camera and gimbal on the top of the drone. Our trusty aircraft engineer Patrick whipped up a custom carbon fiber mounting plate on the CNC machine, we added some vibration dampening, bolted the camera and gimbal on the top and BOOM – it just worked. Nice! Not sure why but we decided to call this new creation the “UpDrone”. I guess it just kind of made sense…


3D Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Services
3D Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Services

3D Mapping, Surveying

and Photogrammetry Services

Drone Live Streaming



When drones first came on the scene a few years ago everyone was really excited about the photos and video that they were generating. Yes, they are cinematic marvels but the technology has evolved and their capabilities have increased many times over in a very short time. Now, by utilizing specialized software we can take the data (photos & videos) captured by our drones and turn that into extremely accurate 3D maps, photomosaics and survey data that is accurate down to a couple of millimeters. We can do this all by flying a few quick, unobtrusive missions overhead. Our drone data collection teams can generate results in hours that would have required teams of surveyors working for many long days on the ground to do before. The cost savings are obvious but what is even more exciting is that amount of ground and diversity of terrain that we can cover. Anywhere that our drones can fly, we can generate scale accurate, measurable renderings of the terrain below. Awesome!

Drone Safety Bulletin

What you should know before you hire a drone team

Drone Safety Bulletin

Our Drone Safety Bulletin has been such a huge success by way of informing folks what we can and cannot do with drones we have included it again this newsletter.

Feel free to pass this bulletin around and call us if you have any questions about how to stay compliant while working with this amazing new drone technology.