Live Streaming


Real Time

We are super excited to announce that DroneBoy is now offering our unique brand of multi camera aerial live streaming services to everyone. Now we can capture multiple feeds from any of our camera sources, whether they are mounted on drones, hand held gimbals, action cams or even locked off tripod mounted cameras. Our team edits these multiple feeds together in real time and we output the final live video to your internal network or we can use special software to encode it on the fly and live stream it to any the popular social media and web video platforms on line. We can even add titles, 3D motion graphics, credits and perform simple color correction on the fly.

Advantages of Live

There is virtually no delay from the moment we capture the action to it hitting your consumer’s eyeballs. This is the new way to broadcast and it is awesome! Of course, we record the edited stream and all the original source footage for archival and further post production purposes as required.

We can deliver your content LIVE to all of the following networks. We can even stream to multiple networks at the same time – AMAZING!

We can capture your content from the following sources:

• Action Cams (wireless feeds – no problem)
• iPhones (via wifi)
• Tripod Mounted Cameras
• Virtually Any Camera or Audio Source

Check out this video from a project that we just completed where we had five drones and two ground based cameras creating a new and completely unique perspective of one of the largest fireworks shows in Canada. This project was edited and streamed LIVE to the TELUS FACEBOOK PAGE and watched by over 30,000 fans.


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