client testimonials

"That is frikkin gorgeous! Barely contained excitement at seeing the rest!!
Thank you so much… you really have delivered beyond expectation!"
Steve Cole
Producer, BBC - The Americas
“OMG you are amazing! You guys gave me more than I could have ever imagined.”
Jackson Myers
Producer, iMAX
"I am always on the lookout for technology that enables me and my team to better envision, educate, track, explore and show this magnificent site.

When the guys showed me the results of their 3D mapping missions of the site my whole office was amazed by the level of detail and accuracy of the 3D data that was created".
Geoff Cape
CEO, Evergreen Brickworks
"This was not a standard aerial drone job and required an outfit that was able to not only do quality aerial imaging and video, but could also come up with a drone capable of carrying a jar of pickles, film it from multiple angles in the air, and deliver it by dropping it on a picnic table.

The drone was in fact the main character of the marketing campaign and Drone Boy's crew was able to pull this off without a hitch. This included a live TV broadcast".
Damian Wright
CEO, Wright XM
"The dynamic, talented, and responsive team at Drone Boy helped us to quickly achieve a complete and accurate understanding of the environmental features of a development site and its surroundings.

Historically we may have relied on traditional aircraft surveying and imaging methods, however, today we leverage the emerging tools and capabilities made possible through the use of drone technology. As a result, we were able to get more accurate and detailed information, more quickly, and at a lesser cost".
Fabio Mazzocco
President, Argo Development Corporation