Video Production

video production

making GREAT video is fun!

Soon after mastering the fine art of flying drones and capturing high quality aerial video, we came to the conclusion that the DroneBoy team definitely had all the talent and ability that we required to be a full service production company.  This solved a number of problems and has created some amazing opportunities for us as well…

  • This enables us to have more creative control over the projects that we create and what we do on a daily basis.  We are no longer just content capturers, we are now content CREATORS!
  • It gives us the ability to pursue projects that have a more personal appeal to the team which keeps everyone happy and more excited about what we do every day.
  • This challenges us to be better,  learn more and do more with all the amazing people, tools and technology that we already have at our disposal.
  • Making stuff is fun!  One of the reasons we got into this was for the fun and creativity of it.  Lets have more fun and make more awesome work – Together!


DroneBoy now offers full service video productions to all our clients.  Are you looking for a teaser video for your web site like the spectacular one featured on our HOME PAGE?  How about a corporate video to tell the world what your company does the very best or a series of social media spots?  No matter what your video production needs are, we have you covered!

Please, don’t make the mistake in thinking that all our work is drone based.  Yes, drones is where it all started for us but now we are real deal video production company with mountains of amazing gear from in house cinema cameras, high-end lenses, sound equipment, follow focus rigs, stabilized heads, cable cams, lighting, car camera mounts, RC car cameras (Tero), action cams and…  yes, we have quite a few drones around too.  We also have a full editing and color suite with an amazing team who know how to really use it for all your post production needs.  

Contact us today to find out how we can bring your next video production to life right now!