Cameras Available


Depending on your needs we will usually provide the camera and lens package that you require for your shoot. We stock all the cameras used in our standard packages and can source just about any camera and lens combination you could want. We find that it is much more efficient if we provide the camera package as it enables us to arrive at your shoot fully prepared with a dedicated “flying camera”. The camera, drone and gimbal are a perfectly balanced rig with very little fine-tuning required on site. The video downlink and monitor is tested and working flawlessly, and the whole system arrives in very close to flight ready condition.


It is possible to work with your camera but time must be allocated for the changeover, balancing and the all important setup process. Setting a camera up on a drone is not as simple as attaching a camera to a tripod! Usually we will ask for your camera a day in advance to save time on the shoot day. If we provide the camera for the aerial filming your hero camera is not tied up and overall efficiency is much better. We always recommend using one of our camera packages whenever possible.

In House Cameras Available:

  • RED Dragon 6K (PL or EF mount)
  • ARRI Mini (EF mount)
  • DJI X3
  • DJI X5 (micro 4/3rds)
  • DJI X5RAW (micro 4/3rds)
  • DJI X5S (micro 4/3rds)
  • DJI X7 (DL Mount)
  • Canon 5D MKIV (EF mount)
  • Canon 5DS (EF mount)
  • Panasonic GH5 (micro 4/3rds mount)
  • Sony A7S MKII, A7RIII etc. (S mount)
  • GoPro 4 – 7
  • Z-Cam E1 (micro 4/3rds mount)
  • Z-Cam E2 (micro 4/3rds mount)

Cameras We Can Get & Fly

Name a camera – we will figure out how to rig it get it and fly it!

Remember, the camera you choose will determine the class of DRONE we can use to fly it. CONTACT us today to find out about options, availability and pricing.


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