Drone Inspections

drone inspection Services

Drones and ROV technology are incredibly well suited to the task of remote inspections and monitoring.  Here at DroneBoy we can deploy teams safely and efficiently to capture all types of imagery and data on your valuable assets that are in hard to reach locations. We can then process that data and present the results in a way that is informative, accurate and incredibly detailed. If you compare the cost and complexity of using our drones to perform inspections versus doing it the old-fashioned way (helicopter, rope access, divers, scaffolding etc.) the benefits are overwhelming. Best of all there is virtually no impact on your job site and usually zero down time for your operation. 

Our inspection services are applicable to these industries & ENVIRONMENTS… AND MANY MORE:

• Buildings & Historic Sites
• Powerlines & Pipelines
• General Infrastructure & Industrial Facilities
• Bridges – Look UP from below with our new  UpDrone Technology
• Wind Turbines & Solar Arrays
• Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms
• Substations
• Towers, Antennas & Smokestacks
• Hydroelectric Dams & Nuclear Generating Stations
• Forestry, Quarry & Mining Operations
• Crop Inspection, Wildlife & Woodland Assessment

ROV remotely operated underwater vehicle for underwater inspections

• City Water Intakes & Outflows
• Water Towers
• Water Treatment Plants
• Hull & Dock Inspections
• Aquaculture Inspection
• Underwater Photography & Video
• Shoreline Surveys
• Search & Rescue
• Hydroelectric Dams & Infrastructure
• Canals, Locks & Waterway Inspections
• Underwater Environmental Assessments

OUR Technology

At DroneBoy we have a highly skilled team and a large selection of Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) in our fleet.  We also have a large variety of hi-tech sensors packages for these vehicles and this combination enables us  to provide our clients with detailed imagery and data at a very high resolution in all kinds of difficult to access environments.  

HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS – We have in house cameras that provide still images at up to 63MP and we can rent cameras that can take photos up to 150MP.  

HIGH RESOLUTION VIDEO – We can provide video at resolutions up to 8K and frame rates up to 300FPS. 

FLIR (FORWARD LOOKING INFRARED) – Our FLIR cameras “see heat” and allow us to measure the temperature remotely and create detailed heat maps.

PHOTOGRAMETRY & 3D MAPPING – We can create scale accurate 3D maps and extremely detailed orthomosaics of just about any site.  See our dedicate page for this technology HERE.

LIDAR (LIGHT DETECTION & RANGING) – These sensors provide extremely accurate measurements for creating 3D maps and surveys.

REMOTELY OPERATED UNDERWATER VEHICLES (ROVs) – We are now offering underwater drones (ROVs) so that we can offer many of our airborne inspection services underwater.

These are just some of the areas where our technology can be used for remote inspection. We are sure that you can tell us some more. CONTACT our office today to find out how we can work together to assist you in your specific industry.