Drone Inspections


Drones are incredibly well suited to the task of remote inspections and monitoring. Using our cutting-edge UAV technology we can deploy teams quickly to capture the imagery and data that you need right now. We can process the results and present the data in a way that is informative, trackable and incredibly detailed. If you compare the cost and complexity of using our drones to perform inspections versus doing it the old-fashioned way (helicopter, rope access, scaffolding etc.) the benefits become obvious. Best of all there is no impact on your work site and zero down time. How about a recurring inspection schedule? Not a problem at all.

Our drone inspection services are applicable to these and many more industries:

• Buildings & Historic Sites
• Powerlines & Pipelines
• General Infrastructure & Industrial Facilities
• Bridges – check out our new UpDrone Technology where we can show you the drone’s view looking UP from below
• Wind Turbines & Solar Arrays
• Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms
• Substations – Send our drones places people can’t go!
• Towers, Antennas & Smokestacks
• Hydroelectric Dams & Nuclear Generating Stations
• Forestry, Quarry & Mining Operations
• Crop Inspection & Woodland Assessment


Our drones can provide you with incredibly high resolution images and video from just about any perspective you could want. We can SURVEY AND MAP YOUR SITE with great accuracy, generate 3D renderings, large area photomosaics and even heat maps using FLIR cameras. New technology, sensors and software solutions are coming online every day that give us the ability to look deeper, further and with greater accuracy than ever before!

These are just some of the areas where our drones can be used for remote inspection. We are sure that you can tell us some more. CONTACT our office today to find out how we can work together to assist you in your specific industry.


photos by our amazing pilot & photographer rob boyce.