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film & tv drone services

We maintain a large and varied fleet of aerial drones designed specifically for film making, still photo capture, mapping, data collection and inspection missions. Other drone companies have a couple of units and models available while we have over 25 active machines with backups and spares so we always have the right hardware for your mission profile.  We have a full range of drones capable of flying just about any payload you could want.  We are now flying FPV Camera Drones too!

Ultra Heavy Lift Drone Canada


Our brand new Freefly ALTA X Ultra Heavy Lift Drones are beasts capable of flying payloads up to 35lbs and moving at speeds in excess on 100km/h. With this amazing machine we can fly virtually any camera and lens package safely and effectively with power to spare. Now we can fly the Ronin-2 head, most of the popular cine cameras and just about any lens you want. Directors and Cinematographers can shoot with the gear they choose and can fly it with the most reliable hardware on the market. Our ALTA X heavy lift drones are the way to go if you want to fly the very best cameras and lens options from a very nimble aerial platform reliably.

Heavy lift

This is the large octorotor (8 blade) drones like our awesome Freefly ALTA8s. These units are always dual operator setups and come with a full operations team. This class of drones feature heavy-duty camera stabilizing gimbals that can support camera packages that weight up to 16lbs. This means we can fly cameras like the RED, the ARRI Mini, high-speed cameras (Phantom etc.) and many others. Of course we have remote follow focus and adjustable iris control as well as remote roll/stop and some camera settings control too.


This includes the smaller drones with integrated camera systems like our Inspire 3, Inspire 2 and the Mavic series These drones are single or dual operator setup and come with a range of camera options. With these systems we can shoot up to 48mp still images and up to 8k video in Cinema DNG RAW or Apple Prores RAW.

gimbaled fpv drone


FPV used to mean a compromise between camera quality, speed, stability and control. Not any more! Our BEAST dual OP FPV drones can fly just about any camera package out there and point that camera wherever you want it. All the speed and agility of our small FPV drones with the quality and control of our Heavy Lift fleet. Amazing!

heavy lift FPV cinema drone


With our Cinelift FPV drones we can fly bigger and better cameras systems like the RED Komodo or the Z-Cam 6K hard mounted and very fast for that awesome FPV look and feel. Sweet!

Cinema fpv film drone commercial film and tv

5" FPV

FPV (First Person View) Drones are hot right now and DroneBoy is all over this exciting new technology. So much so that we have a whole page dedicated just to our Cinema FPV Drones.

micro fpv drone for drone one shot video


The smallest possible FPV drones that fly stripped down "de-cased" GoPros allow us to fly and film places that were not possible before. These tiny drones enable us to create the FPV "oner" videos that are so wildly popular right now. Click here for more information on that awesomeness.

Invisible FPV drone


This is a VERY unique, small FPV drone that flies our INSTA 360 ONE RS 1-Inch Camera. The drone is so thin that the drone disappears in your shot and you get a flying 360 view that is pure magic!

skyview drone can look up at stuff


We now all our Heavy Lift drones are configurable for "SkyView". For the first time ever we can offer our clients an unobstructed, fully stabalized, 360-degree view UPWARDS, as well as the conventional underslung camera solutions.


You dream it and we will build it AND make it compliant. One of our favourite things to do and we have dedicated a whole page to the subject.

ARRI Mini LF FPV Drone

BEAST Class FPV is Here!

Written By | Tom Comet Just what is BEAST Class FPV you ask?  Great question!  Beast Class FPV is what we are calling our new Ultra Heavy Lift FPV drones that are capable of flying real cinema cameras and lenses

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drones look up with skyview

Look Up With Skyview!

Written By | Tom Comet One of the lesser known “super powers” that our fleet of Heavy Lift drones is capable of is known as Skyview.  Just like the name implies, Skyview allows us to “look UP” with the camera

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Safe & Legal Drone OPs OVER The Public

Written By  |  Tom Comet Ever since I first got involved in drones nearly a decade ago operations directly over the public have not been allowed.  Even now, with the 2019 regulation rewrite we have only been able to get

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Freefly ALTA X

FreeFly ALTA X – The F-150 of Drones

DroneBoy is very excited to announce that we have added the all new Freefly ALTA X to our Ultra Heavy Lift (UHL) Drone fleet. This unique and extremely capable machine enables us to fly up to 35lbs payloads at speeds

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The Freefly ALTA8 / MoVI PRO is Here

Written by | Tom Comet In our never-ending pursuit to be the very best drone based aerial cinematography provider that we can be DroneBoy is constantly investing in both the equipment and training sides of what we do.  My team have

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Announcing The Awesome DJI Zenmuse X7 Camera

Written by | Tom Comet We are very excited to announce that we have added the all new DJI Zenmuse X7 camera and integrated gimbal system to our product offerings here at DroneBoy. The Zenmuse X7 is a compact super 35, 6K RAW

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cameras, gimbals & cable cams

We can also supply a selection of CAMERAS, lenses and camera gimbals to give you a perfectly fluid, steady shot every time. There are some instances where drones may not be practical and for those situations we are offering CABLE CAM rigs.  All our aerial filming packages come with downlink technology that gives us a live preview to field monitors. For live events we can also offer real time HD video streaming for live playback. On all production shoots we provide full redundant back up of all mission critical systems to guarantee you zero downtime. At the end of the shoot we can give you the raw footage on a portable hard drive, SD card or we can edit and colour correct it and provide you with the finished product with a very short turn around.  CONTACT US today for more information and pricing details.