DroneBoy offer a broad range of industrial solutions and we are excited to see how we can help you improve your business today.  Drones and drone based sensor packages can create HUGE efficiencies throughout a broad range of industries.  Our aerial solutions are cost effective, safer than ground based solutions and highly efficient.  Here is a breakdown of the industrial services that we currently provide.

Aerial Photogrametry, Mapping & Orthomosiacs
By taking hundreds and sometimes thousands of high resolution aerial photographs we can turn the real world into scale accurate 3D models and extremely detailed orthomosiacs.  Find out more here.

LiDAR Scanning
LiDAR is an incredibly powerful tool allowing us to scan your site and provide scale accurate pointcloud models quickly and efficiently.  Find out more here.

Aerial Inspections
Drones can “see” your industry and infrastructure more safely, more efficiently and in greater detail than ever before.  Find out more here.

Timelapse Video
Do you want to document your next long term project for the world to see?  One of our long term timelapse video systems is the solution for you. Find out more here.

Industrial Photography & Video
Allow our Team to capture your creation and show it to the world.  Find out more here.