One of our very favorite things to do at DroneBoy is the custom builds and live stunts.  We love it when our super creative clients come to us with crazy challenges and we are forced to grow as a team and come up with new and innovative solutions that didn’t exist before.  For these projects, we work very closely with our end client to distil the essence of what it is they are trying to do or say with how we can help them deliver that message using a unique, custom built technology .  Out team will then come up with a plan that includes the design, fabrication and build along with testing and compliance and finally on site implementation and post deliverables. 

A lot of the custom projects that we have been involved with over the years have been a hybrid of live media stunts that have an experiential component along with various forms of video capture and eventual content delivery.  Our team has had a huge amount of experience in the realm of advertising, live stunts, social media and experiential marketing and we feel that it is still possible to make a very big impact by combining this with drones, engaging new media production and other new technologies.  

Do you have a unique media stunt, build or project that you want brought to life?  CONTACT US today for more information and pricing details.


McDonald’s Drone Delivery

Written by | Tom Comet Last summer the DroneBoy team had a fantastic opportunity when we were asked to develop and implement a live Drone Delivery stunt for McDonalds in Montreal Quebec.  The big idea was to create a media event where

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Drone Pickle Delivery

Written by | Tom Comet This job was another example of “we got this crazy call and then…” which is actually how a lot of our jobs start out now that I think about it. In this case the company was

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Drone Fireworks Live Stream

  Written by | Tom Comet For Canada Day this year the DroneBoy team was presented with an amazing opportunity, as well as a huge challenge, when we were asked to live stream one of the largest fireworks shows in

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