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Flying Drones at the Airport

Apr 16th, 2018

Written by | Tom Comet We get this call all the time – “I need to do a drone project and I want to use you guys but we are two miles from the airport so we are going to have… read more »

DroneBoy Cessna Skymaster 337 Airplane

DroneBoy Has An Airplane!

Jan 17th, 2018

Written by | Tom Comet A drone company with their own airplane??  It sounds a little crazy so allow me to explain this awesome situation… The nature of our drone business is extremely diverse.  This is one of the things that… read more »

A Drone Pilot Becomes An Airplane Pilot

Dec 13th, 2017

Written by | Tom Comet   Years ago when I started doing my initial drone ground school training to become a legal, certified UAV operator I was amazed at the amount of information and detail that I was expected to learn… read more »