Camera Gimbals

camera gimbals & stabilization


3-axis brushless camera gimbals can give you that perfectly fluid shot in almost any motion environment. We use this technology on all our camera drones and now this same technology is available in a portable, standalone unit. These handheld gimbals enable us to mount and stabilize almost any camera system in a very short period of time whenever a fluid, moving shot is desired. The camera operator can be walking, running, shooting from a car or even a helicopter and the footage will be perfectly stable! Handheld shots that would have been shaky in the past are now smooth as silk.

At DroneBoy we are using the Freefly MōVI Pro and the GREMSY gStabi 3-axis brushless handheld camera gimbal systems. We stock multiples of all our gimbals so that we always have the right hardware available for your exacting needs.

Want more options? Check out our ONEWHEEL “INFINITE DOLLY TRACK”

At DroneBoy we are always innovating while trying to have a really great time while creating stunning imagery. This is what led us to the all-new ONEWHEEL technology. The OneWheel is a gyro balanced, all terrain one wheeled skateboard that is operated hands free. This means our talented camera operators can cruise around at speeds up to 23km/h all while operating any of our CAMERA PACKAGES mounted on stabilized handheld gimbals. This created amazingly fluid shots that would have been very difficult and production intensive to get any other way. Awesome!

What does this technology mean for a production? No more long change overs where the entire crew has to wait for dolly track or cranes to be setup. No more shaky, unusable footage and more opportunity to improvise “run and gun” style shots. Now shooting dynamic action is easy – just call DroneBoy then grab and go!