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Oct 12th, 2020

Drone Experiential Marketing Stunts

Written By  |  Tom Comet

My DroneBoy Team and I have a lot of experience building and implementing awesome experiential marketing stunts that revolve around drone technology.  It is challenging but also a lot of fun to come up with these unique drone stunts or, better yet, to take other people’s creative ideas and bring them to life safely and effectively using my favorite flying friends.

What am I talking about when I use the term “Experiential Marketing Stunts With Drones”?  It is probably easier to show you this genre of advertising then it is to describe it. Below you will find a bunch of examples of our work. The first one is a fun project that we recently completed for Hershey’ Chocolate to showcase their new (and incredibly yummy BTW)  Reese’s Outrageous Chocolate Bars.

The concept was relatively simple…  While many corporate employees have access to a “snack drawer” in their lunch room for that afternoon pick up, there are many others who do not and they deserve to have a “snack drawer experience” too.  Democratize the snack drawer!!!  Here is how it turned out. If you haven’t already done so, please check out the video above.

This drone delivery stunt took a lot of hard work and focused effort in order to execute it flawlessly.  Here is a behind the scenes video showing some of what went into creating this fun spot for Reese’s.

Audiences of all kinds are drawn in by drone technology and love to see it used in unique and surprising ways.  Done right, these customized, purpose built stunt drones seem to have a personality and the audience simply forgets the Pilot at the controls nearby.  These experiential marketing drones are cute, hard-working and, inevitably, deliver surprise and joy.

Obviously, there is a lot more to it than just building a custom drone and delivering stuff to random people…  It just doesn’t work like that!  The setting and context must be just right.  All local rules and regulations need to be followed and safety needs to be the number one priority.  Often these types of drone delivery stunts take large teams, custom fabricated drones, branding, months of planning, building, permitting and testing for the finished product to appear so “effortless”.

Over the years DroneBoy has implemented many of these experiential marketing stunts with our drones. Most of them have been a twist on the concept of drone delivery like the Reese’s example above but we have also done other fun stuff like teach large groups of people to fly drones at our “Drone Zone” live corporate events, our drones have pulled flags around on national holidays and we have even piloted multiple camera drones legally through huge fireworks displays to livestream the video results and bring a lot of positive attention to a large telecommunications company.   The sky really is the limit when it comes to marketing with drone technology.  Have fun, come up with something crazy involving drones then call DroneBoy so that we can help implement it flawlessly for you today!

Here are a few more examples of some of the experiential marketing stunts that DroneBoy have helped agencies, companies and brands achieve with our drones over the past few years.

Bicks Pickle Delivery & Contest Event

McDonald’s & UBER Eats Drone Delivery

Telus Fireworks LiveStream

Do you want to learn more about what the DroneBoy Team can do for you and your brand?  Check out the Custom Builds & Media Stunts page on our website or  contact us today so we can start the conversation on how to  bring your awesome ideas to life, with our amazing drones today.


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