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Apr 22nd, 2021

Look Up With Skyview!

drones look up with skyview

Written By | Tom Comet

One of the lesser known “super powers” that our fleet of Heavy Lift drones is capable of is known as Skyview.  Just like the name implies, Skyview allows us to “look UP” with the camera that gets mounted on the TOP of the drone as opposed the conventional “underslung” setup where the camera and gimbal are mounted on the bottom of the drone.  Skyview allows us to look up and not see the drone’s own booms and propellers and to shoot subjects that are above the drone with the same stabilized, super smooth movements that you demand.

Skyview is an under-utilized setup and something that we are not sure that most folks even know that we can do.  It is easy to reconfigure our Heavy Lift and Ultra Heavy Lift machines to do this, it doesn’t cost any extra and only takes 30 minutes to go from underslung to Skyview and vice versa on set.  Why not give it a try next time you have us out?  Let’s look UP at some stuff and see the world in a different way!

Well, now you know all about Skyview… Feel free to pass this info along or keep it to yourself for your next project.   To find out more Contact us today!

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