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Dec 6th, 2017

Time-Lapse & Flying Hyper-Lapse Video Fun

Written by | Tom Comet


Like a lot of the stuff that we get up to here at DroneBoy, something that started out as a fun, one-off project for a single client turned out so well that we have decided to offer it as a new service to all our customers.  What is this exciting new service you ask..?  Well, time-lapse videos of course.

Time-lapse video techniques are certainly not new but we feel that we have put our own DroneBoy spin on this genre by offering two products that we find pretty awesome.  Here they are…

Loooooong Term Time-Lapse Capture

Using special ruggedized, off-grid enclosures we can set up a camera (or multiple cameras) on your site and walk away from them for a year or more while our remote, waterproof systems happily click away taking photos on a preprogrammed schedule.  These units are solar powered, non-descript and extremely tough.  We can even set up a data link giving us the ability to view these images and make certain that the system is running properly from afar.  Once a week/month/year (whatever schedule makes sense for your project) we visit the unit to download the hi-res images where we take them back to our studio and they are edited up into captivating time-lapse video sequence.  This is a great way to demonstrate just how much work went into creating XYZ project because you are literally showing your audience every step of the creation in fast speed.  Magic!

Uses for this technology include industrial construction projects, demolitions, environmental monitoring, festivals & events, unique builds, traffic monitoring, agriculture and a whole lot more.


Flying Hyper-Lapse Video
What in the world is a flying hyper-lapse video you ask?  The definition of hyper-lapse is a “moving time-lapse” where the perspective of the viewer moves while the time-lapse is captured.  For our flying hyper-lapses we use our amazing drone technology to capture a sequence of time-lapse still photos as it flies a preprogrammed flight path.  This flight path can be kilometers long because the time-lapse, by its very nature is a bunch of photos taken at intervals.  This means we can land the drone and reposition our flight team and change batteries etc. and cover any distance that might be required.  This is a great way to show your audience something that is very, very big or long in a short period of time.

Uses for this technology include new highway construction projects (before they open to the public), pipelines, powerline, large buildings and huge geographical areas.  Think the entire perimeter of a lake or a waterway all the way from its source to the ocean.  Use your imagination and let’s make a flying hyper-lapse of your next big, long thing…

For more information check out our new Time-Lapse/Hyper-lapse page HERE or CONTACT our office today for more information.

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