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Mar 10th, 2021

LED Drone Lightships

Written By | Tom Comet

Most of the stuff that we do here at DroneBoy is niche work and some of it might even be considered a niche of a niche and we love that!  Our Heavy Lift High Power LED Drone Lightships definitely fall into the latter category but, for some reason, this effect is really hot right now and I thought it was high time that I did a BLOG post about it.

Just what are LED Drone Lightships you ask?  Well, we start by taking one of our conventional heavy lift drone packages and we mount a light weight, high powered LED array inside one of our MoVI Pro gimbals, we give it full wireless control and this turns it into what I like to refer to as “the world’s most powerful flying flashlight”.

stratus led lighting on heavy lift drone

What can you do with these “high tech flying flashlights?”  That part is kind of up to you but we have implement them for everything from creating fast, un supported, movable, controllable light sources in the sky on set to simulating police helicopters and UFOs (for film silly, not to scare people at parties).  Where this effect really comes into its own is in its ability for the light source to move dynamically in 3d space (to fly) and point the suspended lighting package anywhere independently of the drone’s movement.  This means that we can track moving objects with ease and create some really interesting moving shadows that could not be done any other way.  Commercial Directors are starting to take note of this and utilizing our LED Drone Lightships on all kinds of artistic projects from movies to commercials and music videos.

Here is an example of a project that we recently completed for Salomon.  For this shoot we had one LED Drone Lightship and one Heavy Lift Camera Drone in order to both create and capture the lighting effect from the air during key scenes.  We needed a big crew and a lot of gear to pull this job off as it was shot at night in the winter but the results were definitely worth it.  It was a super-artistic implementation of our lights and we have to hand it to the Director Jamie Webster and the folks at Common Good for coming up with the idea and bringing it to life.  Nice work!

Drone LED Lighting Technical Details:
-52,000 Lumens of Light
-Aprox 12 Min Flight Times
-Remotely Switchable & Dimmable

Here are some more examples of other people’s work with High Power LED Drone Lightships.

As you can see, there is some very creative stuff going with flying lights. To find out more about this exciting technology and how you can harness it to its best potential for your next production Contact us today!

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