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Oct 15th, 2015

OneWheel Infinite Dolly Track

Written by | Tom Comet

The DroneBoy team recently acquired a new toy… I mean tool… and I am super excited to tell you all about it. It’s called the OneWheel, and it is one of the coolest things we have seen in a long time (and we spend a lot of time playing with cool things.) The OneWheel is basically a one-wheeled, gyroscopically balanced, all-terrain electric skateboard. It is super fun to cruise around on, as it can roll on everything from pavement to gravel, grass and even trails. You lean and it goes in that direction, intuitively, and completely hands-free.

This is really cool but to make it even more functional (and somehow justify it as a work expense) we started experimenting by using it as a super dynamic hand-held camera gimbal platform for extremely fluid camera work! Turns out this works really, REALLY, well! Now, our camera operators can wiz along roads, trails and even cross country with our gyro-stablizied cameras in hand, to create super fluid motion shots of just about anything. Get to a set of stairs or an obstacle and simply hop off; the OneWheel stops, and the camera op can continue on foot.

Check out our video and let us know what you think. We don’t sell OneWheels but we do provide stabilized camera gimbal / OneWheel operators who are more than happy to work on your next production.

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