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Jan 14th, 2016

Monster Truck Music Video

Written by | Tom Comet

Monster Truck is a Canadian rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. We were so excited when DroneBoy was asked to shoot all aerial imagery in the music video for their kick ass new song, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live”.

The shoot was at a huge gravel quarry site, north of Toronto; the theme revolving around the grittiness of the site, and the just plain awesomeness of the band’s presence playing live. The band was set up on this huge gravel crushing machine with tendrils that extended out, into what appeared to be an abyss. The shoot went from day into nigh,t and as it got later the weather got worse and worse. Normally this would be bad for a shoot, but in this case the deteriorating weather worked really, really well, and played huge in the finished video. By the end we were shooting at night, in a blinding snow storm, and it looked awesome!

Shooting in bad weather with drones is not easy, but it is possible. Rain will stop us from shooting every time, but snow, as long as it is not super wet, snow is OK at least for a while. We have to keep our gear covered until literally seconds before each flight. There is also an added risk on flights like this, and everyone on set needs to be aware of the fact that snow can cause everything from technical issues with the drone to less visibility in the air. A very secure site is necessary and everyone needs to take extra care. Snow usually requires us to perform flights closer to the pilot, as we need to remain within “visual line of sight” (VLOS) at all times. Cameras and lenses need extra attention in the weather too.

We don’t love flying in the snow, but we live and work in Canada so we have learned to work with what we get. Over the years we have developed tools to help us deal with snow, like drone weather covers, specialty lens hoods and even battery warmers. Anything for the shot! In this case the results were totally worth it. Check out this amazing video by our good friends Monster Truck and I am sure you will agree.

PilotTom Comet
Drone Camera Operator & SafetyBernie Martin
Administration – Taryn Krueger

DroneDJI Inspire 1RAW
Camera / GimbalX5RAW

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