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Sep 15th, 2016

Our New UpDrone Technology


Written by | Tom Comet

At DroneBoy we have been strapping gimbal stabilized camera rigs on the bottom of drones for years now and we have been getting some pretty great results this setup. One disadvantage to putting the camera under the drone is if we ever need to “look up” above the horizon we get the propellers in the shot. Not great! A few months ago we decided to challenge ourselves and flip everything on its head by devising a way to mount the camera and gimbal on the top of the drone. Our trusty aircraft engineer Patrick whipped up a custom carbon fiber mounting plate on the CNC machine, we added some vibration dampening, bolted the camera and gimbal on the top and BOOM – it just worked. Nice! Not sure why but we decided to call this new creation the “UpDrone”. I guess it just kind of made sense…

Now we can fly cameras around and look up at stuff all the while maintaining the same level of fluidity that the world has become addicted to. Seriously, have you watched commercials on TV lately? Every second product features a drone shots! Now those shots can be looking skyward as well.

Our new UpDrone technology gives our clients a fresh perspective cinematically and as well as opening up new markets on the industrial side of our business. Our Drone Inspection Team can now fly under stuff like bridges, powerlines and support structures to view details seen only from below that would have possibly been missed looking down from above.

Contact us today to find out how our UpDrone can give you and your team a whole new perspective.

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