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Feb 10th, 2017

Canada Wide, USA & International Drone Certifications, Operations & Partnerships


Written by | Stefan Marchand

Although we are based in Ontario, we have clients from across the country and people who need work done across different provinces. We are based in southwestern Ontario and we are fully approved by Transport Canada to operate across the province, but we felt it was necessary in order to meet our clients current and future needs to have our Transport Canada approval for not only Ontario but for all provinces and territories. As such, we have applied for and received Standing SFOCs enabling us to operate from coast to coast in each of Canada’s five flight regions. There are very few commercial drone operators who can provide such a service ,and Droneboy is one of these few. This allows us to respond very quickly to our clients needs when they cross provinces. Instead of having to source and make arrangements with different operators, we are able to support the project right across the country.

Speaking of borders we now have partnerships in place with international operators and so, for example, should our client require a drone operation in the US, we can make all the arrangements and handle that for you. Then we thought, why stop there, so as of this spring we have started expanding our operation service offering overseas as well. If you happen to need a drone operation in say the south of France, you have come to the right place. We have a fantastic partner that has all the same capabilities we have in Canada and we have a working relationship and comfort level there. Drone rules and regulations are different in every country, so it is very important to be comfortable that you are working with a capable and legal drone operator, no matter where your job is. It is our goal to be that drone service provider for our client and provide a seamless experience regardless of your location.

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