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Mar 16th, 2017

New Transport Canada Regulations for Personal Use.


Written by | Stefan Marchand

Transport Canada announced some changes today to the regulations related to the use of drones (UAVs). More specifically, they have made it clear that drones can not be operated within 75m of people, buildings, vessels, etc… and you have to be more than 9 km away from an aerodrome which includes small municipal airport, heliports, etc…

It is important to note that these new regulations apply to recreational drone operators.  Contravening the new rules can result in substantial fines, up to $3000 per person. As a commercial drone operator, we at Droneboy operate under a blanket SFOC which authorizes us to continue operating our wide range of drones pretty much anywhere.
So while these new regulations will definitely impact hobbyists and those offering commercial drone services without an SFOC, legitimate drone service providers will still be able to operate as in the past.


For more information visit the Transport Canada website

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