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Mar 14th, 2018

DroneBoy Now Has A National S.F.O.C.

Written By: Tom Comet

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We are pleased to announce that DroneBoy recently received our National S.F.O.C. from Transport Canada. What does this mean you ask? Well, if you don’t know all about the drone regs in Canada or the S.F.O.C. process required to fly UAVs here commercially here you can read all about that tantalizing subject HERE.

Previously, DroneBoy had Standing S.F.O.C’s issued on an annual basis for each of the five flight regions in Canada. This new status means that the level of service to our end clients will not change, but operationally things just got a lot easier for us and therefore better for our end clients as well. Here is why…

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The trouble with the previous system of five separate flight permits (S.F.O.C’s) was that they all expired at different times, they each had slightly different clauses, inclusions and exclusions, and every time we added a new piece of flying hardware to our fleet (often), ALL our S.F.O.C’s needed to be updated. Uggh!

Anyone in the drone business in Canada knows that Transport Canada can take a fair chunk of time to issue or renew flight permits and this was, at times, affecting our flying super powers. Not good! The other issue for us was at DroneBoy, we don’t just fly one type of drone or provide a singular service to one niche sector of the market. We have many specialized drones and services offerings that span a huge range of clients from film and TV productions to private individuals, corporate markets and even the industrial sector.

Now we are happy to say that we have one official, national flight certificate that enables us to operate commercially coast to coast to coast with all the same equipment, team and conditions everywhere. This new national S.F.O.C. covers our entire fleet of seventeen drones, our five certified pilots and all operational staff. No more waiting for paperwork or administration hurdles to get your job done quickly and efficiently.  Hooray!

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Let’s say you have a reality TV show shooting in in three provinces and one territory next week needing a drone team for some aerial cinematography? No problem! How about a bunch of quarries and gravel pit properties scattered throughout Canada in need of aerial 3D mapping and volumetric calculations? We are good to go! OK, what about a string of powerlines throughout Newfoundland and Labrador that need our drone inspection services after that last big weather event? We have you covered there too!

With this new accreditation, we are truly ready to fly any mission anywhere in Canada on a moment’s notice. Want to learn more? Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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